Misson Phase


The last of the developmental stages is when you take all you’ve learned about yourself and start to specifically practice the skills needed to live your purpose. At this level, the parent-directed stages are past and it is time to honor your parents by taking on the responsibility to live your personal mission.

Following the pattern of Define – Learn – Do, at this phase you do more than ponder on your “Why”. Here, you clearly define what you want out of life and how you’ll achieve it. Now it is time to learn from those who have what you want, those who have the influence you would like to have, those who are adding value to the community in a way that inspires you. Learn from these examples, then do what they did.

Prinable Resources

This is a leadership laboratory. Some topics included are: communication, technology, government, conflict resolution, economics, entrepreneurship, intrepreneurship, world culture, language, business and life skills. Shadowing a community or industry leader, in a role that you are interested in pursuing, will help you truly define what it would take to succeed. Doing this early in life also affords the student time to define what success is for them personally. Most people find the first things they thought they had wanted to do end up not being what they want to focus on for their life’s purpose. Take the time and use the tools here at American Family Education to find out what you really want to do AND what it would really take to be able to do it.

With American Family Education, you practice the pattern of success. We encourage you to continue to gain light and understanding as you build the kingdom of God. Seek all the great experiences, knowledge, wisdom and positive association you can. Seek in all your doing to honor your Creator and your fellow men. You will be blessed as you seek to participate in purpose driven organizations and follow your personal mission. Leave skid marks as you race towards your dreams and create an enduring legacy!

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