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In this purpose driven, leadership education, you are respected as the sovereign leaders for your child’s education. No one knows the student and his potential better than his parent. “Parents have a sacred duty to rear their children in love and righteousness, to provide for their physical and spiritual needs, and to teach them to love and serve one another, observe the commandments of God, and be law-abiding citizens wherever they live.”


A huge part of your role as a parent of future leaders is to understand the needs of these special children that have been entrusted to your care. Through prayer and meditation you can find the answers for what is needed for your children. Additionally, this program is one of the few that encourages parents to seek an understanding of your child’s specific temperament or the lense with which they view the world. Each child is born with innate attributes and can develop into a complete person with full access to his or her power to fulfill divine potential. There are some great additional resources in the back of this book. You are both your child’s mentor and coach in different stages and situations. These roles are detailed in Chapter 5. It is important that you recognize the positive impact you can have when you  learn these principles and access your own mentorship.


Group leaders and teachers are there to support you, while your children are attending with the group. This allows you to offer your best to your children and have real backup for your child’s education. You will want to communicate with the Local Group Leader on a frequent and regular basis. These individuals want to support your vision for your child’s education and expect you to be frequent visitors to the Local Group whenever possible. You are invited to sit with your student and be an example of the attributes you would like to see from your child. It is so fun to see the joy on a child’s face when they have their parent participating with them as they do a math activity or to see the light in a student’s eyes when they are sharing something with the class and their parent is in the audience. You can take advantage of this environment to show love to your children by giving them some quality time with you in class or celebrating their talents and showing your belief in who they are becoming during goal planning meetings.


Another way to really invest in your child is by checking their work  on a regular basis. This shows your children that you are their partner and advocate, encouraging them to be accountable to the goals you have set with them. You can spend a few minutes each day reviewing each student’s progress, and then allow students to have time on their own or with their families to continue their studies.


All the parents in a Local Group are part of the parent council. You are invested in the success of your child’s group so your input is invaluable. It helps your group to give recommendations for things like the selection of new teachers or leaders as your groups grow and for group activities and service projects.


There are various ways to be a part of the Local Group through activities and service. As a parent with a child in this agency based, purpose driven, leadership education it is extremely important to be familiar with the materials recommended for parent training by the Local Group Leader or Area Director. The majority of what builds each child’s future will happen in your home! Every leader in this educational system honors the value of your time with your children. Because of this teachers will never assign homework. You choose and providing curriculum and supplies for your students (or facilitating their access to necessary materials). Your children are guided by you, their parents as to how much additional effort is needed at home to provide a complete educational experience for your child. Like participation in every aspect of this program, group activities outside of the regular academic schedule are always optional and chosen carefully to complement the needs and values of the families in that Local Group.


One of the most powerful teaching tools you have is to be an example. When you are moving purposefully through your life, acting on true principles, you model your values through everything you do. “Be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only,” James 1:22 Your conduct, beliefs and excitement can positively influence the attitudes of your children. Not only will you give your children the benefit of consistency in seeing you do what you are asking of them, but you will also have heaven’s help. The truth that ‘God honors commitment’ also applies to the raising and educating of your children. When you are committed to live your full potential and support your children in living theirs, your family will be blessed. Standing for something will also impact those outside of your family in a positive way. Like a stone thrown into a still pond, the ripples of your positive efforts and growth will expand out beyond where you can see. Small consistent daily action is the most powerful way to keep commitments you have made and to turn knowledge gained into wisdom. You will not be perfect in everything, but you will be blessed as you make efforts to live what you want to teach your children.

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